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To install, run the Installer found on the Downloads page. Please note the additional software/hardware requirements on the Home page.


  1. Open the KinecTunes Windows Form app. The Kinect Status will be "Disconnected".
  2. Choose File --> Start. iTunes is opened and the voice commands that the Kinect device will recognize are created.
  3. In the Log window, a message similar to "Loading iTunes and Kinect" will be displayed.
  4. After KinecTunes is finished loading, the Kinect Status will be "Ready for Commands!".
  5. Begin speaking commands (see below for list of them). Enjoy!


  • Why does the program not run for me?
    • Most likely, all the required software has not been downloaded. Please check the Home page for more info.
  • What commands can I use to control iTunes?
    • To play a specific song, say: "kinect play song {song name}".
    • To play a random artist's song, say: "kinect play artist {artist name}".
    • To pause the currently playing song, say "kinect pause".
    • To start playing the currently paused song, say "kinect play".
    • To stop playback, say "kinect stop".
  • Why is KinecTunes playing the wrong artist?
    • KinecTunes' speech recognition is not perfect; while it does do a great job of recognizing some weird artist names, it is not able to recognize everyone.
    • Try saying a specific song from that artist instead.

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